Designing the television interface for Comcast Xfinity Flex

Comcast Xfinity is going through redesign changes in its television interface and user interactions in order to accommodate to the growing needs of television streaming and also keep in touch with the demands of users and their diverse needs.
Great design is crucial for intuitive controls and that is where prototyping and user testings become valuable in creating a product for all users.

I was assigned to create high-fidelity prototypes for mock-ups showing television interface interactions.

My Role

UX/UI Designer
Visual Designer


Framer, Sketch, Javascript


Sketching, Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Interaction Design, Animation, Usability Testings, and User Interviews


July - December 2021

So Many Choices So Little Time...

We wanted clients to select their choices in pattern quickly and with little discomfort. We also had to take into account the various adjustments customers would want for their choices in patterns- such as pattern type, text, and size.


How we want to help!

The business goal is to increase user traffic for items featuring diverse pattern choices.

Who are the shoppers?

The Browser
The Browser, or Jamie, occasionally shops and doesn't always purchase, but likes to see how many options are available on an item. Jamie spends hours on choices and goes back and forth a lot when making decisions.

The Decisive Shopper

The decisive shopper, or Morgan, usually knows exactly what they want. They know the exact text they want to use down to the color of the item of purchase. They plan everything ahead so shopping is a quick ordeal and does not like to spend time looking around or getting distracted while purchasing something.

We wanted users to easily navigate and enjoy choosing patterns to ensure a future return to the site.

1. Navigating through
The Television Controls
We wanted to allow users to easily navigate intuitively and also be assisted in picking choices through subtle designs and animations such as with creating borders and effects in movement.
We focused on ease of purchase for Morgan as statistics show that 81% of on-line consumers base their overall satisfaction on ease of purchase.
2. Shopping as
The Browser
The Browser, Jamie, likes to go through choices and likes to peruse while shopping on-line. Studies show that 38% of shoppers will leave a website if they find it unattractive, and for this reason the site is minimalistic and clean yet colorful and engaging for optimum consumer satisfaction.
We focused on showing different text options on phone case covers as well as a change in pattern for consumers that shop like Jamie.

The Next Steps

Illustrated Waves and Particles

Statistics show that 80% of shoppers stated that free shipment is a motivator in purchasing a product.

Ripped Paper Transparent

84% of users rely on social media for shopping recommendations.


A mobile conversion of the site will increase traffic and sales as 49% of people use phones for shopping.

Dotted Waves

60% of Users found answers to their questions through the usage of chatbots on sites.