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I was assigned to create high-fidelity prototypes for mock-ups showing television interface interactions, and also create editorial and visual images for digital interfaces to increase engagement.

My Role

UX/UI Designer
Visual Designer


FIgma, Framer, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects


Sketching, Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Interaction Design, Design Library Organization, and Animation


July 2021 - July 2022


"I'd like to see shows more catered to my

  taste and suggestions."

"I like the dark interface."

Over 90% of our users preferred the dark mode interfaces over lighter interfaces. Adjustments were made to make sure image assets and texts aligned well with the dark mode settings.

Artwork adjusted to fit the dark mode and allow users to clearly read text, adhering to WCAG guidelines.

characters 01.png
final tiles 02.png
characters 02.png
final tiles 1 ui.png
characters 01 ui.png
characters 02 ui.png
final tiles 2 ui.png
We wanted to allow users to easily navigate intuitively and also be assisted in picking choices through subtle designs and animations such as with creating borders and effects in movement.



WORK SANS is used for all marketing communications as it is a welcoming and legible type.

Fonts must be #FFFFF in active states  and
#F6F6F9 in inactive states, in order to pass WCAG
Browse_Networks - Nav.png


I was tasked in creating icons and other assets for the library design systems in Framer, then later to Sketch.
The video is a short clip of how an icon would become a variant and input into the design library so that all the icons can be used across various projects and interfaces.
Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 2.27.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 2.27.47 PM.png
Documentation would later be put on
Confluence explaining the icon changes and sizes
made, and where to find the assets.


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