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Japanese hotel staff tend to work long years in their position and therefore are able to memorize and have little need to confer a guidebook on which coupon to use for most situations. Therefore at times they found it difficult to work with systems that would not allow manually addition of coupons, and requested for such a feature.

My Role

UX/UI Designer
Visual Designer


Adobe Photoshop


Sketching, Research, and Wireframing


February 2024


The old system did not allow manual additions of coupons and instead only allowed coupons which came attached with the guests' stay plans.


Firstly a new UI needed to be created for allowing the manually addition of coupons.

The "BACK" button was given more contrast, as we wanted the staff hotel to not press "SKIP" or "ADD" without intention.
Add Coupon Frame.png
A list of relevant coupon is given on the next screen as most of the hotel staff reported to knowing exactly what coupon type to search.
Coupon Selection Screen.png


Draft 3_staff_addcoupon.png
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We realized that since most of the hotel staff know the coupon codes, perhaps it would be faster and easier to have an input screen of the coupon code instead of a list,
We also concluded that maybe a search bar for new staff or staff that had trouble remembering coupon codes would help streamline coupon addition instead of scrolling through the list trying to find a specific coupon.
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