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A coupon distribution system where a hotel selects and gives guests a list of coupons of local businesses and attractions, therefore creating a synergy between shops and the hotels, as well as increasing gusts' comfort and stay.

My Role

UX/UI Designer
Visual Designer


Adobe Photoshop


Sketching, Research, and Wireframing


March 2024


The old and previous mock-ups were done with a lack of typographic hierarchy and clarity.
QR code takes up big space; needs to be reduced.
Lack of clarity on why certain coupons had specific colored tiles.
Users have a hard time understanding what to look at first in text.
Browse coupon.jpg


The QR code was replaced as a button that would later pop-up and be pressed
Filter setting was given for easier search.
Text inside coupon tiles were given hierarchy and color to have users read easily.
V2 All coupon screen copy 1.png
A "Facility Information" button is added to increase visibility of local stores and to increase incentives for stores to work together with the hotels.
coupon details kotopon.png
A sliding pop-up dialogue screen is added for the sorting of coupons to give users less time in going back and forth with checking coupons.
kotopon sorting.png
A search function is added, as well as an inclusion of "suggested terms" for frequent users.
search kotopon.png
search specific.png


The complete flow of the wireframes. Please click on image to enlarge.
Click on image to enlarge.


A "Use" button is in consideration to be added onto the coupon tiles for a shorter time in completing coupon selection.
A more robust photo gallery is in consideration for the facility information page so that facility owners can increase exposure, and users can more clarity in the facilities.
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