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User engagement was not increasing with the chatbot function added to the sites. Reiterations were done with research in seeing how we could improve chatbot engagement, such as providing suggestions and eliminating unnecessary copy and images.

My Role

UX/UI Designer
Visual Designer


Adobe Photoshop


Sketching, Research, and Wireframing


February 2024


Users were not asking the chatbot questions. There was no indication of asking questions, and after researching various chatbots, I felt the long agreement text repelled users from further engaging with the product.
The Start button felt awkward, and thus felt like the product itself wasn't carefully translated, giving it an unfinished image.
The unnecessary double introduction of the name further gave an image of a faulty product.
When a question was asked the replies were generated through chatgpt, thus typed out at a slow speed which risked losing the attention of users who need fast answers or are unable to concentrate for long.


The legality text should be reduced to allow users who are short on time to proceed to ask questions and not feel they have to "wait" on everything with the chatbot.

The full legal agreement would be separated by a link for users who want such information
"Start" was changed to "I Agree" to give a more professional and authentic image of the product.
Legality Screen.png
The introduction was changed to a more friendlier image for users to feel a more personal connection, and not just a clinical answering machine.
Pre-written answers would be provided in accordance to frequently asked questions for fast replies for users who are unsure of what to ask or who are short on time.
Agreement screen.png
Since the answers are prewritten for each topic, it would eliminate the need to wait for answers.
Answer screen.png




Extra suggesstions are to be added after a question is answered with a related topic.

The goal is to have users reach their answers but also to further engage with the chatbot.
More suggesstions screen.png
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